Bigg John (@BiggJohn35) – Like A G



Bigg John is just as his name says, big. Not the fat lovable type of big but more the menacing “ill whoop yo monkey ass” big. Most times you see him in public he has a look on his face like “Ill grab this mic and tear everybody’s head off up in here” and if they want to get physical ……………….well they will get done worse. But as menacing as he appears in person he is just as lethal with his bars, dude is a killer emcee.  John first gained local notoriety as one half of the Austin hip hop collective known as East35. To understand exactly what that name means in Austin you have to speak to an Austinite. They will tell you that the I-35 highway is an unofficial splitting line for Austin between the haves and have not’s, black and white and between the Austin you see on post cards and the Austin that some are surprised to see. On the east side of the highway you have the inner-city, the hood (slowly being gentrified) on the west side of the highway you have downtown and all that comes with that. Well Bigg John represents the East side of 35 and his new project “Jungle Music” is a great representation of where he is from and how he feels.  So watch him do it “Like A G”


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