The Mic Fiends (@STORMSHADOW_ATX + @Stress512 = @The_Mic_Fiends) – Precision Poetry



Before you ever meet the Mic Fiends in person, just from listening to their music you can tell these cats come from that Golden Era of hip hop (1987 – 1997). It seems like you may hop in the car with them and still find Nas – Illmatic or Enter the 36 Chambers – Wu Tang and find these brothers rocking it like it came out last month. That is not to say that these cats are stuck in the past, I’m saying these cats are unapologetically hip hop with a desire to be heard by as many people as possible, but not to be at all accepted by the mainstream. The 2 are part of a great circle of duo’s coming out of the Austin, Tx hip hop scene (groups like Country Cousins, The Undergrind, Crew54, Soulfresca etc).

The new jaunt they just made a video for “Precision Poetry “ is a great representation of how the Mic Fiends get down.  The Fiends represent a different side of what is considered traditional Texas hip hop.  They don’t shun the Texas connection they just have a wider or perhaps a more narrow view of true foundation hip hop and choose to stick to the basics while building on those basics at the same time. The aesthetic that the group brings is needed in this period of hip hop loosing the connection to the foundation of where it comes from and where it’s going in the future.


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