Inspired by the recent tragedies of the last year and the lack of justice that resulted, Mirage512 recorded a scathing commentary on the history and present reality of being black in America. “Babylon Lullaby” is a passionate manifesto of the anger yet thoughtful response to these actions by Mirage512. The track is produced by beatsmith Trill Gates Beats of Arizona. The song is a part of “The Amelioration Project” which Mirage has already recorded but will release one song at a time during 2016. Mirage512 says that he will refocus on his solo brand in 2016 and resume recording a new Undergrind project in 2017. In the words of Mirage; “this song is the kind of hip hop that needs to be prevalent in 2016, music can be an incredibly powerful tool and it has always been the soundtrack to revolution. If you look at the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and artist like Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron and the Last Poets, they all made an indelible mark on music and more importantly on history. This music was reflective of the time and the mood of the people. Furthermore it inspired the people to fight for freedom. Much of the popular music today does not inspire in fact in the long run it can damage”. These are artist that inspired Mirage512 with music made decade years before he was even born. This is not to say that Mirage512 has totally switched his style up but he is making more well rounded music that touches on a variety of subjects that are on people’s minds and hearts. Mirage512 is an artist first and foremost that is going to make the music that is in his heart the way he feels it. It’s not always about making the most popular song it’s about making music that will stick to you. 


Please download this song and share it across your social networks!!!


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