“DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas” 

Nasir Jones aka Nas is arguably the best rapper to ever touch a mic. In my opinion the thing that made Nas so great was the vision that he has. Nas  bars are visual there epic scenes from a movie he seems to create when he spits. Nas speaks about the hood in almost a Shakespearean tone. A lot of these newer emcees are not able to bring the same regalia to the art. 

Nas does not release as much music as he used to but what he lacks in quantity he very much makes up for in quality. A Nas feature is a special thing indeed. This new collaboration with DJ Khaled samples the classic song “Fu-Gee-La”. The video is shot on a tropical island and portrays the 2 as Don’s that come to the island to connect with the locals. The video is a dedication to the classic movie “Belly” and even features Louie Rankin aka “Lennox” or Ox….. you know “the roughest toughest blood clot rudeboy”.

The song is dope the video is epic, funny, and dramatic at the same time.


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