Mirage512 drops the 9th installment to his Amelioration Collection. Mirage has been dropping product in 2016 at a very steady rate (a song every month). The song features a rolling beat made by O’Dawg of the Flying Iron Soul Collective, the Atlanta producer blessed Mirage with a horn driven bass heavy track that features the hook “ooooooooooooh I am just a Mirage, when you look at me”; the classic sample fits perfectly with Mirage’s flow and cadence. This song has a timeless dusty feel to it that will be something you can listen to for years to come. 

Mirage does not appear in the video at all accept for a few shots of the main actors discovering his music and videos via Youtube and Soundcloud. It is a scenario Mirage hopes is true on a frequent basis. Mirage directed and shot the video along with partner C.P for the burgeoning film and photography company he and C.P just started 2’Is film and photography. This is more of a short film than a music video. It shows a simple story of 2 young people hooking up for a little Mirage & chill LoL.

*Produced by O’Dawg for Flying Iron Soul Collective.

*Video edited by O’Dawg

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Download the single here


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