OGolgy is the hardest hip hop out right now. Fuck whatever you may say to dispute it, OGolgy is the hardest hip hop out right now. We here at Quite Trill have been fukkin with the collective since February of this year.

Naughty By Nature’s Treach, Bumpy Knuckles, and Detroit veteran Trick Trick have combined forces to really rep that hardcore street influenced boom bap hip hop. But more importantly this union represents everything fiercely hip hop and gutter. Each of these cats have the ultimate respect in the streets as well as the mic. The trio of veteran MC’s have come together to form “OGology” and are currently working on a joint album. There has not been a more appropriate title for a group in hip hop than this one. The OG’s have dropped the first offering from the album exclusively produced by Nottz.  

The collective have released a video that is more like a short film. The piece is 2 songs in one. The first song is “I Wanna Tell You Something” features Raekwon over a gritty, instrumental by Nottz of course. They spit bars about on-going hustle in their hoods as they relive memories from the slums of New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, and Detroit and give a stern warning to the soft. The second song is “Tequila” and is equally as rugged. Trust us, you need this in your life.




Here’s the breakdown:

FREDDIE FOXXX got his start rapping in the early 1980s. Foxxx was actually supposed to be in the same position that Rakim was in, as legend has In 1986 he was slated to meet with producer Eric B. who was searching for an MC to pair up with; Foxxx missed the meeting, and Eric B. ended up pairing up with Rakim and forming the group Eric B. and Rakim. Foxx is a voice of strength in hip hop, some may call him a bully (not just because he looks like he can benchpress bout 300) but when you come from that early era of hip hop and you have not gotten a quarter of the props you deserve in this game its cool to have a chip on your shoulder. Foxxx attacks the mic with fire.

TREACH is the lead emcee for Naughty by Nature, the group was formed in East Orange, NJ, in 1986. Naughty has three members — Treach, Vinnie and DJ Kay Gee were attending the same high school. Naughty was discovered by Queen Latifah a few years later; she signed them to her management company Flava Unit and helped them land a deal with Tommy Boy Records. Naughty by Nature’s self-titled debut was released in 1991 and produced an inescapable Top Ten hit in “O.P.P.” (which supposedly stood for “other people’s property,” though a close listen to the lyrics revealed that the second P represented male or female genitals). “O.P.P.” blew the fuck up and made Naughty by Nature crossover stars, but they always kept their ghetto pass intact. What is often slept on is  Treach’s rapid fire rhyming technique made them popular in the hip-hop underground, one of his biggest followers is Eminem. Treach has made significant appearances in moves as he began a secondary acting career in 1992, appearing in Juice, Who’s the Man?, Empire, Love and a Bullet and Jason’s Lyric, among others.

TRICK TRICK is from  Detroit, Mi. He grew up listening to gospel, soul and funk music. Later in his childhood he began to listen to hip hop such as Public Enemy, N.W.A and Run DMC. Trick’s got his name at a very young age because of his competent skill of attracting girls in his neighborhood. Trick signed his first deal with Click Boom Records in 1992. As a teenager his father taught and encouraged him to learn various musical instruments and pushed him towards gospel music. Trick Trick got down with Detroit’s B.K. (short for “Black Killers”) gang as a teen. As a result of the street life with the B.K. he spent a brief stint in the county prison. After he got out released, he became a member of a group called the Goon Sqwad. Trick Trick is a G he credited with making Detroit a “No Fly Zone”, meaning rappers that are not from the city who do not support artists from the city or make contributions to the city are not welcome to perform in Detroit. When these artist were talking about the city in a manner he didn’t appreciate and he had them “touched” by his crew


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