Quadir Lateef (@Quadirlateef) – “H.N.I.C.” (Hip Hop Needs Immense Change)


Upon first gaze of Quadir Lateef you may think he is security for the Ruff Ryders camp, but you would be sadly mistaken. Its been a while since we’ve seen the dominance that RR is known for. RR creates movements, it does not just release artists. Quadir comes with a great message on H.N.I.C (Hip Hop Needs Immense Change), what a title? The video, shot in black in white is a throwback to those anthems that DMX, The LOX and Eve used to drop back in the gap that had RR constantly on top in the streets. While they don’t have the most popular movement today there is no denying that RR has never left and keeps a firm place in the hood among the people.

Quadir was home schooled for the majority of his educational career. Born November 22, 1981 in Houston, Texas, Quadir Ibn Lateef Habeeb was always destined to make a name for himself. Affectionately known as “Q” by close friends and family, Quadir was raised a devout Muslim, and his Imam (spiritual counselor/mentor) Fajri Ansari, a two-time class B and C basketball championship-winning coach, recognized Q’s raw sports talent, and continued to develop his athleticism at Turner Carroll High School (Buffalo, NY) during his junior year of high school.

After only one year on the team, Q was recruited by a private school and spent his senior year of high school there where he was scouted and received a full basketball scholarship to St. Bonaventure University. When university coach Jim Baron accepted a new position, Q returned to Buffalo and received his associates degree in Science from Erie County Community College. Q then received a full basketball scholarship to Howard University in Washington DC. While at Howard, Q began to discover his voice as a writer, creating intense and soul-stirring poems. Q began to perform his original spoken word pieces throughout the Washington DC area, as he was sought out by various student organizations, Greek Letter Organizations, and professors for paid performances. Even Tavis Smiley (formerly of BET) chose Q to host the poetry section of his very first “Youth to Leaders National Summit” which was aired on C-SPAN in 2003. At age 23, Q left Howard to pursue his career in spoken word and rap music.

This is what hip hop needs right now, please spread the link!!!



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