7/23/2016: Garveyite: A Conversation With Colin Garvey & Hip Hop



On July 23rd at Huston Tillotson University in Austin Texas, there was a very powerful event or more specifically a conversation that happened between Colin Garvey and a great panel of Local Central Texas activist, artist, professors and just concerned citizens. If you are wondering who Colin Garvey is, he is the grandson of the Honorable Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey left more than a legacy ….He left a vision. Colin discussed some of the misconceptions that people have of his grandfathers vision as well as some things we can incorporate in moving forward. He spoke on the fact that the population of Africa was growing and would soon eclipse the population of China. Mr. Garvey spoke about the fact that Africans can be self sufficient and great. He also had high praise for Dr. Umar Johnson who is carrying the torch for the Pan-African movement and is often called “the Prince of Pan-Africanism” 

Attendees were presented an energizing lecture about what it means to be a “Garveyite” in today’s society. Hip-Hop music was woven into the theme of the event to keep the conversation live. 


Conversational Panel: Marisa Laufer, Rod Duckett, Chas Moore, Dana “Mirage512” Thompson -Hip Hop Artist

13754247_10100991536789854_8809669296761709032_n                     GARVEYITE Curator and Founder of Measure Austin, Meme Styles


Colin Garvey
Alvin Clarke


Photos by Sharecess Carter
& MeMe Stiles

Local Activist posed a conversational question based on event goals listed below:

-Students and attendees would gaining a deeper appreciation of Marcus Garvey’s movement.

-Students and attendees gaining a deeper understanding of unity.

-Discuss Cultural responsibility as it relates to Black History and our Ancestors



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