1. Is the first thing you do in the morning to check your social media?
  2. Have you met your last 3 sexual partners on social media?
  3. Do you check what social media has to say on a subject before you check other news sources?
  4. When you go out, do you find that you are on social media for at least half the time you are out?
  5. Do you check social media more than 20 times per day?
  6. Do you post more than 5 times a day on the average?
  7. Do you take selfies most of the time when you go out?


If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions you may have “SOCIAL MEDITIS

SOCIAL MEDITIS – A disorder characterized by long periods of the day on social media, an awkward feeling when you dont have access to social media or a communication device for a long period of time and the staunch belief in most of the information seen on social media. The only known cure is old age or to unplug from social media.

Of course I made this up but it doesn’t sound too far fetched. 

The advent of social media totally changed the way we operate in society. There is a new level of autonomy that that comes with social media, news that you used to have to wait hours to get now comes almost in real time or within minutes. There are over 1.6 billion users on Facebook alone (at one time there were less than 1.6 billion people on earth). With social media outlets like periscope you can actually live stream events happening. This can be a double edged sword, you get the news fast but it is not always the correct news. The American public has not been very skeptical of our news in the past, we figured hey if it’s on the news or in the newspaper then it must be partially correct at least.

Social media has been a tool to unite a lot of people and it has been a tool for social change. I’ve personally seen massive rallies and marches that were organized on social media. Social media can and should be used as a platform to exchange ideas that will better mankind. It’s a great way to maintain long distance relationships with family and friends etc.


A drawback of social media is that it allows everyone to chime in with his or her opinion and again opinions aren’t always true. The mingling of partial facts in the reporting of news and then those partial facts being put out into the public to inform opinions makes a big pot of confusion. It’s one thing to think a group of people operate a certain way or have an opinion but to get explicit confirmation of this through social media serves to compound the anger of anxiety we may have about a subject. Sometimes social media can be like injecting yourself with emotion, take for instance with Michael Jackson died timelines were flooded and that event broke social media. It is dangerous to get most of your information from one source especially social media. You want to have an objective opinion on whatever it is you’re looking at. You should always have multiple resources in in your search for information.

Social media started out as this fun thing to do on the internet, it was like a party in cyberspace. It was a great way to hook up with old friends and classmates.  Then it became the hook up spot, we all have stories about “hooking up” online. A lot of those hook ups started at happy stories then they turned into major drama. A lot of young folk use social media to filter out their social circle.

Every month or so it is a great idea to just unplug from social media for a day or so. Leave your phone at home and don’t get on social media on your computer at work. Even I for the reason of seeing if you are able to unplug from it for a small while. Also make sure that you form real relationships with people not just social media interactions, you will find life is far more fulfilling that way. Remember a social network was set up to be just that a SOCIAL NETWORK meaning a way for you to socialize and network it should not be the crux of your social life and the source of your information.



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