Let’s talk about a few things that have gotten black folk killed in recent memory.

Arizona sweet tea
“Toy” guns
Going to a pool party

And now CDs


When I saw video of Alton Sterling being MURDERED I’m almost scared to say that I wasn’t too affected. Of course I was angry and my deepest condolences to his family, but I am concerned at how common this is and how desensitized I am becoming to it. It’s like we literally loose a small bit of our humanity with each incident. Don’t get me wrong, I very much know that brutality on blacks by police and prior to that by slave masters has been the standard since we first stepped off the slave ship. I also know that they almost always got away with killing black people. What’s worse is that a large number of black people just accept this, kinda like “well you know how it goes….”


The fact that the media speaks on a man (Alton Sterling or any black victim) as the victim of police brutality then in the same breath say he has a “checkered past” almost attempts to justify the death of that black man or woman. It seems that there is some inherent fear of black people………why? Some point to hip hop culture and the images it portrays or the street gang culture of large cities like Chicago or L.A. or Miami. Anyone who looks at American history with any ounce of honesty will see a long trail of blood all over the world and especially in her own county against her own people. Violence is as American as Apple Pie and guns are the crust of that Apple Pie. America permeates a culture of groups, demographics, clicks, armies if you will. Democrats vs Republicans, young vs old, rich vs poor, black vs white, hell Yankees vs Red Sox.


The police operate as an army that protects the interests of the upper class in America. They even partially say it “to protect (THE RICH) and serve (EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING A COUPLE OF NIGGAS). In most cases as of late cameras clearly show victims in no position to harm police officers yet the officer blatantly kill the victim then of course go free. In the case of Alton Sterling he was being contained by 2 officers, so how could he have gone for a weapon? How do you shoot 5 or 6 times then pull a weapon from his pocket and claim he was a threat? How do you lie about it then confiscate the tape, then your body camera happens to fall off? How do you do all this and expect a certain group to not be upset about this? How do you expect people to accept this? How do you not expect that eventually some people are going to rise up and resist this gestapo like rule you exert over the people.

I would never say we need to go out killing cops but I will say that we need to do something on a consistent basis that makes police feel less comfortable with killing black folk.


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