Did Drake Get @ Puffy & Joe Budden on “4pm in Calabasas” ?


The track is inspired by a life lesson given to him by his father: “Mike never tried to rap like Pac, Pac never tried to sing like Mike.” Obviously, Drake didn’t listen — “I always said my mother gave the greatest advice.” 

Drake has now released “4pm In Calabasas,” his most aggressive rhyme in years, and he fires shots aimed at Budden, Puff Daddy, Chris Brown and more.

From the jump, Drake goes at Budden, rapping “All you self promoters are janky. We established like the Yankees. This whole fucking game thank us. We movin’ militant but somehow you the one tankin.’No limit to where I can take it.” His quips respond to several of the comments Budden made throughout his podcast. From there, Drake makes a slick reference to his infamous altercation with Chris Brown in a New York City club where several champagnes bottles were thrown across the room by their respective camps, saying “And you know me as a Cris bottle sender. Check picker upper. I thought we looked out for one another.

Drizzy’s most barbed lines, however, are saved for Puff Daddy, who reportedly slapped Drake outside of a Miami club in December 2014 over an argument about Drake’s song “0 To 100.” Drake views the Bad Boy mogul differently near the beginning of the song, saying “Even had the OG’s tryna press me. Ha-ha-ha-ha. No way out cause I’m already in it.” It’s in the latter half of the record, however, where Drake unloads his clip. He sends rapid fire shots at Puff for over a minute intricately weaving in references to Diddy’s songs, lyrics, artists and colloquialisms in the attack. “Look at me now. They look at me like the golden child. Can’t nobody hold me down, especially not right now. Certain shit just too wild to reconcile. Take that, take that no love in they heart so they fake that. Dicaprio level the way they play that. Damn, what is that. Y’all don’t hear no songs then hit my phone like you did that. You either hit my line like where you been at. It’s always on some shit like when can I get a favor, or where my bitch at. Like I’m about to tell you where she been at,” he raps. Later, Drake continues with “Just total the hits and see what you find. You SWV cause you weak and I’m always always on your mind. And we can’t stop, make you dance to this. I’mma make you One Dance to this. A-ha-ha-ha-ha. Bod breed bod bwoi.”


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