ANDERSON PAAK (@AndersonPaak) – “The Season,” “Carry Me” & “The Waters”

PicMonkey Collage6666555

Every few years an artist comes out that has “IT”, now there are many different definitions of what “IT” is and it is different with each artist. In my opinion with Anderson Paak the “IT” factor is the way he straddles the fence with his sound, he seems to be channeling old soul singers while remaining cutting edge and innovative through it all. Paak seems to take the spirit that created the old soul music and put a new twist on it. He does it in a non-cheesy way, most singers come off in a way that seems to be imitation, with Paak it seems like maybe he has been here before and then came back to reclaim what he once was an old soul singer and  that is something special and rare in my opinion. He has soulful album cuts that seem so personal then he has stuff that is radio friendly and it sounds totally different. Paak is much needed in today’s music industry.

With his latest video being a 3 in 1 mash up of 3 songs off his “Malibu” album. The video is very creative video, it feels like you’re watching the video through a nickelodeon. The short film was Co-directed by Paak and graphic designer/music video director Chris Le, the six-minute visual finds the California singer going through trials and tribulations in a visual that resembles the collage-heavy cover of Malibu album.





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