It’s been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While the collective was not attempting to imitate Mr. Archer (D’Angelo) should feel quite flattered by the effort of 10 artists in Austin, Tx that collaborated to perform a D’Angelo tribute show. The collaboration was entitled “BLACK MESSIAH VOODOO PROJECT!” and featured 10 of the finest artists in the Austin area. The collective performed D’Angelo And The Vanguard’s BLACK MESSIAH album in its entirety, followed by a blazing performance of D’Angelo’s classic VOODOO album, also in its entirety! 

There is a different feeling that comes with live performances, more of the intricacies of the music is translated during a live performance. On April 1st the medium sized crowd at Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina got that feeling that comes with a great live performance. You could really hear the influences that D’Angelo was channeling in the music on these albums. What was so dope was how much the collective sounded like the recording while adding some of its own flavor to the mix. The energy in the room was bubbling and the crowd was happy with the show. The collective will be covering the material of Ms. Lauryn Hill on April 22nd 2016 at the Sahara lounge in Austin, Tx.


Reggie Coby (lead & backing vox)
Sha Alheem (lead & backing vox)
Neshama TheQueen Alheem (lead & backing vox)
TaeMela Fultoneason (lead & backing vox)
Robyn Wright (keys)
Charles Hunter (keys)
Jimmie Dreams (guitar)
Ivan Daddyi Wallace (guitar)
Edward Miles (drums, percussion, samples)
Rudolph Aaron Eccles (bass)





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