Alchemist ft. Mc Eiht & Spice 1: “Supply” & “Any Means” (@Alchemist+@eiht0eiht+@TheRealSpice1)


PicMonkey Collage














The Alchemist is compiling many singles that he has produced but never put out. It’s not what you would call throw away songs or outtakes, just music that he has never formerly released to the world. The collection of songs is entitled, “Craft Singles.” The collection is described as a release of individual songs on limited edition 45 vinyl’s, with each song having 500 copies pressed up; quite an idea for this modern “download it for free era.” For his latest drops, he taps MC Eiht and Spice 1 to spit game over one of his bass-driven lustrous instrumentals. The results are 2 dope joints that put 2 of gangsta musics finest on display .When asked why he chose to release the collection on vinyl Alchemist commented “CDs are going away but vinyl’s are on the way back. It has a value, it’s something you can hold and save. If you get ’em, you get ’em. If not, they’re on SoundCloud for free”


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