MIRAGE512: “IT DONT STOP”produced by Dj Crop Diggie


Mirage512 continues his 2016 Amelioration campaign with a new joint “It Don’t Stop” produced by longtime collaborator Dj Crop Diggie of the Superstar DJs. The joint is the latest collaboration between the 2 and originally was not a part of the Amelioration Collection but was recently added by Mirage to add a different flavor to the collection. Originally the track was supposed to be a collaboration between Mirage and some other Austin, Tx emcees but plans changed.

Towards the end of last year (2015) the two started Quite Trill Radio and have been pushing great underground and undiscovered music to the world, the song was originally going to be an exclusive for Quite Trill Radio.Mirage says of the song “Crop has a very fundamental approach to hip hop but he has a lot of soul too and i think this is explicitly displayed in this song.” This track is what one would come to expect The horns give the track a bright feel but the bassline takes it all the way back to the gutter and the drums almost sound like they are walking or marching, one has to wonder what was on Crop Diggie’s mind when he created this one. Give it a listen and spread it across your social media. Also follow Mirage512 on soundcloud also.


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