Big K.R.I.T. (@BIGKRIT) “Sticks & Stones” (From Rhythm Roulette)

Have you ever wanted to be in the studio while your favorite artist is making music? To see the process and feel the emotions that that artist is going through while creating the music you love so much. Well the good folks over at Mass Appeal Magazine have got you covered with a series they call Rhythm Roulette. Where they take some of the hottest producers in hip hop, blindfold them, let them pick 3 records to sample and have them make a beat right on spot with samples off those records. Pretty dope idea huh? Well when they called Mississippian Big K.R.I.T up to play rhythm roulette K.R.I.T. stepped into Sweet Melissa Records in Atlanta blindfolded and picked three records then hit the studio to lay down some verses. Of course it was that good old K.R.I.T music that we love. Check it out.



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