Broad Visions Music Group: The future of ATX hip hop (@BroadVisions)

broad viS

Trust, this is no April Fools, these cats B.V.M.G are the truth. The Broad Visions Music Group (B.V.M.G.) is an idea that came to the mind of producer Khilla Keys, in August 2012. He brought this idea to a friend of his, rap artist pRiMo!,  they quickly set it into motion, recruiting rap artist Mike Lee, rap artist TG, rapper/producer Mr. Frosti, and producer BluDreams. B.V.M.G is comprised of 6 Members Khilla Keys Mister Frosti Ca$h Kooper TG Ahndraus The Abstractxvxst. Each member has strived to promote themselves and their counterparts by creating music that appeals to all rap and hip hop fans. From Killeen to Atx #BVMG is a group of individuals working together to achieve one goal; for each member to excel in their own aspect of music. whether it is as a rapper, singer, writer, producer, and/or anything else you can think of. Each member strongly believes that everyone has an equal opportunity in the field of music and does not bash the work of any artist within or outside of the group. B.V.M.G. encourages you to look beyond the norms of the current music industry by broadening your vision to new ideas. Start your day off with good music. #B.V.M.G.




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