The prerequisites:

1. Quite Trill is based in Texas
2. Quite Trill has been down with Rap A Lot Records since the 90s
3. Quite Trill feels like Scarface is one of the best emcees ever (should be in every top 5)

Now that we have the requisites out of the way. Your favorite rappers favorite rapper is back with another shot off his “Deeply Rooted” album last year. His newest joint is basically saying what he has been saying his whole career; “Fuck You Too”. Of course he had to get his H-Town underground offspring Z-RO to put the hook where it should be. The track is a blend of that southern funk that Face is known for. Face is fed up and he is expressing it as he always does. Peep the first verse lyrics:

First born to my momma
I come from the place where you’re promised
To die before your 21st
You’ll be surprised what’s underneath the earth
Dug dirt, I put bones there
All my enemies is gone now
I can’t sleep through the cold sweats
Flashbacks, I’m a known threat
God fearing yet I’m evil though
I think deep, I believe in ghosts
Ever felt the hand of a dead body?
Then you know why I took my gun and head-shot him
War started over dope cuts
I put what I live by on both nuts
It’s either him or me so I say fuck dude
I look him in his eyes and say FUCK YOU!

The lyrics are deliberate, he meant that as you can hear by his delivery and the small pauses between bars. These lyrics make a pretty boy face ugly. Press Play!!!!!!!!!!!


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