If you are a historian of hip hop CULTURE not just hip hop MUSIC then you are aware of the close relation between Punk Rock and Hip Hop. In the early days of hip hop when you went to a hip hop party, you were going to see B-Boys, DJs, Graffiti writers, a few criminals and punk rock kids. Punk Rockers bought into the rebellious spirit of hip hop, they bought into the loud defiant sound of the big drums and un-melodic sound of hip hop. Edgar Wyndham is one of those punk rock kids that latched on to hip hop and obviously comic books and the like. Originally from Colorado, Edgar moved to Austin years ago and set up a nice movement with his music which mixes his Punk Rock spirit with hip hop. We first discovered him on YouTube, which is where he is building a movement with daily views and love from followers. Check out this short conversation we had with him and check out his music all over the internet.



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