Blend (Moonwalk Don’t Run) + Chairs Missing || Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice ( @ChiefDoomsday )

chief-and-the-doomsdayChief and his Doomsday Device are showing the good………….no, the great side of being an independent artist in today’s industry. Its about control and being able to do what you need/want to do in a timely fashion. When you have a song that you are promoting you want to work on your own timetable, you have to be able to react to the needs of your campaign. Chief has released 2 videos this February “Blend (Moonwalk Don’t Run)” +  “Chairs Missing” both shot guerrilla style yet uniquely creative. One can tell from watching these 2 pieces that Chief had a big part in this, the visuals completely go with the music in the video. Chief remains fiercely underexposed (not underground) and independent. This seems to be where Chief belongs, not to sound negative  but we at QuiteTrill Worldwide hope he never gets signed to a record deal so that he can remain in his own space making the music that comes directly from his heart. 



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