Anderson Paak (@AndersonPaak) – Malibu the album


Anderson Paak (usually styled as Anderson .Paak), is from Oxnard, Ca. He released his first album, O.B.E. Vol.1 in 2012 under the name Breezy Lovejoy. The album got a great response on the west coast. He followed up 2 years later with “Venice” in 2014 under his current moniker Anderson Paak. His current release “Malibu” was released on January 15, 2016 and is gaining him a good look from the general public. It also helps that he was a featured guest on the long awaited “Compton” album that Dr. Dre in 2015. This heavy presence on the Compton album led to Anderson signing with Aftermath Ent.

Anderson’s sound is refreshing and soulful, he almost sounds like he is hoarse or like he just smoked a Newport menthol. He comes from a Black and Korean family and began producing music from his bedroom as a teenager. His first experiences performing were as a drummer at his family’s church. In 2011 before becoming a working musician, Paak worked at a marijuana farm in Santa Barbara California. He eventually lost that job without warning and became homeless with his wife and infant son. In 2011, Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra helped Paak by employing him as an assistant, videographer, editor, writer, and producer. In 2013, Paak made Cover Art, an all-covers EP. The album was released by the independent Hellfyre Club and OBE labels.

His latest release Malibu feels old and new at the same time, the music has a classic analog feel but the voice has a contemporary old soul feel to it.

  • The Bird – plays like a manifesto that will help you make it through the day. It’s one of the last songs you have to hear before leaving the house. It also like many tracks on the album gives you an insight into his past. He sings “I’m repping for the longest cycle, mmm / My uncles had to pay the cost, mmm / My sister used to sing to Whitney, mmm / My mamma caught the gambling bug, mmmm / We came up in a lonely castle mmm, My papa was behind them bars, mmm / We never had to want for nothing mmm / Said all we ever need is love mmm”
  • Without You (feat. Rapsody) – is a manifesto to toughening up and getting through a bad patch of a relationship. He raps “And I should take this heart and pawn it at the auction / I don’t need it, I’mma slay this bitch and take ya shoppin’ / Cause what good is any heart if it can break in pieces? / I would rather have no feelings, than cryin’ and sobbin.” N.C native Rapsody lends some great bars to the track as well .”
  • Lite Weight (feat. The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir) – is a beautiful song……without a verse but he sums up his feelings in the chorus “There’s no reason to be afraid No time to be like that You don’t need me in that light It’s alright with me Just send it off and I’ll give it right back Right down to the last face There’s no reason to be afraid
    No time to be lite weight”
  • Water Fall (Interluuube)Is a gem on this project it brings to mind some of the       early neo-soul stylings of the early 2000s via Dangelo or Musiq Soulchild. It’s a         shame that this is only a interlude, homie should have stretched this out to bout         10 mins or so.
  • Come Down – is actually the first track I heard of the album and it peeked my interest in his music. The funky rolling guitar riff and the bass-line really sets this joint off and makes it probably my favorite joint off the project
  • Silicon Valley – is a clever joint where he plays on words and speaks on women that are not 100% real and how that silicon represents the fake in her. It also speaks to the insecurities that a lot of women feel. He sings They say the heart is underneath / Underneath and guarded in securities / I finally found the key Underneath the garments that’s the double D’s / Open your heart, X spots the mark, baby / Don’t turn a frown, make an ass out yourself, baby Open your heart
  •  Heart Dont Stand a Chanceis probably in my opinion one of the top 3 jaunts on this album. It finds him coming at a young lady that is digging on him also. Peep the lyrics. See, I be catchin’ you starin’, be careful / Though I don’t mind, it’s a dangerous place to be left in / But keep your eyes on meYour heart don’t stand a chance / It feels like it’s been far too long / Your knees can’t hold your legs
    Your feet just want to pace / The eyes keep me all in a trance
    Let me ask you
    Would you leave it all in the back of your head / Or all in the palm of my hand?
    Ain’t nobody holding you back / Don’t it feel like it’s been far too long, girl?
    Your heart don’t stand a chanceYour knees just want to break
    Your eyes keep me all in a trance
    And let me ask you / I know the approach is so far from what you’re used to
    But you know it / And do I hold a candle to the last one over your moon?
    Baby, of course I do / And I’m not closing my tab / Don’t it feel like it’s been far too long, girl?
  • Room In Here – is another jaunt that is in my top 3 cuts on this album. It sounds like it should only be played on Friday and only around your significant other. Anderson paints a picture of a world with only him and his lady and everything in this world is alright. The cameo by The Game adds to the flavor of the jaunt.



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