my people cover web 5

 Mirage512 continues releasing a song every month as part of his Amelioration campaign. “My People” plays as a manifesto of struggle and triumph both on a personal and collective level. He opens with “Sometimes I feel I’m going uphill with the world on my back / Yeah I know I’m far from perfect but I’m working on that.” That seems to be the overall tone of the song as reinforced by the hook “Sometimes i think they love me / Sometimes i know they hate me / but at the end of the day I’m gon ride for my people / wrong or right we continue to fight until we see the light / cause I’m down for my people”


My People is produced by long time collaborator Arson Optics and features a jazzy piano line that offsets the heavy bass line. Mirage512 says the overall soundscape of the track dictated his subject matter for the song. “I had the beat for about 5 months before I wrote to it, I kept listening to it over and over and truth be told I actually wrote another song to the track but it didn’t feel right to me. I was involved in the local planning for the anniversary of the 20 year anniversary of the Million Man March in 2015 so I wanted to write a song that would speak to the condition of my folks and also offer a bit of light at the same time.” The song follows his release in January of “Babylon Lullaby” which is also a song that speaks to the plight of his people. Mirage says that he hasn’t totally changed his musical direction but is making an effort to make music that is relevant to the times while also understanding that he has to reach people where they are right now. Check this joint out and please don’t keep it to yourself, spread it around.


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