Throwback Thursday #19: VOLUME 10 PISTOL GRIP PUMP (@Volume10_hiphop)

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” 

Marcus Garvey

Every Thursday here on Quitetrillworldwide we are doing a throwback Thursday. We will pick a jam from the past in any genre and give you some info that you may not have known before about that artist.




What’s dope but not so dope about Volume 10 is that he had one huge hit and a few smaller songs that didn’t make much noise. That’s really a shame because that one hit was and is a monster. In 1994 he dropped his first single “Pistol Grip Pump” and you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that infectious base line, it was so West Coast. A lot of folk didn’t know the words to the song or they only knew half the hook but no one could stand still when Pistol Grip came out. It also made the gun pretty popular on the streets. Volume 10 is from Los Angeles and was a member of the Heavyweights crew along with Freestyle Fellowship, Ganjah K, and Medusa, among others. The song still lives on through its association with the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity which made it their un-official song much the same way that Omega Psi Phi dawgs go nuts when “Atomic Dog” comes on.




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