Throwback Thursday #18: AUDIO TWO TOP BILLING (@mcmilkdee

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” 

Marcus Garvey

Every Thursday here on Quitetrillworldwide we are doing a throwback Thursday. We will pick a jam from the past in any genre and give you some info that you may not have known before.


Audio Two 

Audio Two are a Brooklyn, New York hip hop duo comprised of emcee “Milk Dee” and  “Gizmo” they most famous for its first hit, the classic “Top Billin’.” With a beat that sticks to your brain like superglue from the first listen. The beat was produced by Milk Dee and Daddy-O of Stetsasonic fame; it was an instant hit and is one of the most sampled pieces of hip hop in hip hop. Top Billing made not only the group instant stars but it also made a deep impact on hip hop culture. The group’s full-length debut, 1988’s What More Can I Say? and the 1990 follow-up, I Don’t Care: The Album, were titled after lines from the song. However, the duo would never get back to the initial success it had in the begining. The singles from its second album, “I Get the Papers” and “On the Road Again,” were only moderate hits. The 90s brought about a change in the hip hop market; gangsta rap was rising in popularity, and Audio Two found itself struggling to maintain recording contracts and a fanbase. Due to the change in the hip hop music landscape and the lack of belief by the record company the duo disbanded. In 2007, Milk Dee again came to light from what else, someone (50 Cent) sampling part of his lyrics. 50 brought him in to record a verse for a remix of “I Get Money” which earned him more royalties. As for his partner Gizmo, he became a recording engineer under the name “You Can Ask” Giz. His audio work has appeared on albums by Donell Jones, Calvin Richardson, Jaheim and Tyrese, among others.


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