Throwback Thursday #16: Biz Markie (@BizMarkie) Hip Hops class clown


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

Every Thursday here on Quitetrillworldwide we are doing a throwback Thursday. We will pick a jam from the past in any genre and give you some info that you may not have known before about that artist.

Hip Hop can be such a rough sport, nothing to be played with. Its culture from the street and the ghetto and in its purest form it will always be street music. Street music is hard its honest its descriptive of the hood the good but mostly the bad. Circa 1986 enter Biz Markie of the famed Juice Crew which was a crew of serious emcees and Biz was the jokester of the crew and of hip hop in general. He wasn’t the first to say some funny shit in a hip hop song but he was perhaps the best to do it. Ironically he really didn’t intend to be the crown prince of comedy rap, by his own account he was actually trying to be serious and hard at times but folk would always laugh at him for whatever reason. One thing that couldn’t be denied was his beat-box skill because he was more than a beat-boxer he made a variety of sounds with his mouth he was like a 3-D commercial to a beat.


At some point he embraced the fact that folk found him funny but not in a clown way he was very much an entertainer, he was like a stand-up comedian with bars.  He would take normal everyday things that folk wouldn’t talk about out loud let alone on a rap song and rapped about it and made it funny. Shit like picking ya nose or taking a dump were subjects that Biz rapped about and made it funny. Perhaps his biggest hit was “Just A Friend”; a song that ended up being funny because of his off key singing. The odd thing is that you get the feeling that he was seriously trying to hit those notes to make an odd ballad about a chic that broke his heart.  Biz was able to make fun of himself and still maintain respect among his hip hop peers.  While never considered a handsome cat he always managed to stay fresh and shine some of the dopest gold that hip hop has ever seen.


The thing that kept Biz Markie on top was that he made anthems that had real life meaning, take the song “Vapors” about how folk change when you get successful, how they claim they were always down but never were. This is a common theme in hip hop now, the whole hater thing and you can trace that right back to “Vapors” he even managed to create a new word that can still be heard in hip hop. Biz was also one of first notable artist to get sued for  his use of samples, this case was impactful to the way that hip hop artist made music because they now had to be more creative with how they chopped samples. Another component to his presentation was the dance, Biz had one of the dopest dances in hip hop history “the biz mark dance”

Now days Biz is still a figure in hip hop by way of his Dj gigs he is in demand as spinner of the dopest old and new school hip hop all over the world and of course he will bust a rhyme or do a song or 2 in the process. Biz has one of the most entertaining catalogs in the game and should serve as a guide to keeping hip hop funny and dope.

biz-markie (1)




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