Mindz of a Different Kind (@MDKof512) – Black & Brown



Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas. Mindz of a Different Kind (Nick, T-Fly, Chi-Town & Bza) came to know each other through the Cipher Austin project. In 2013 MDK became part of the musicNmind family. Their music is like life, at some times gritty and hard to comprehend, and other times crisp and uplifting. MDK has performed alongside nationally recognized artists such as: Immortal Technique, Mobb Deep, Blackalicious, Black Milk, DJ Notion,DJ Zetroc, Dee-1, Dead Prez. They also completed a Texas tour alongside Rhymesayer’s recording artist; Blueprint w/ iLLogic.

Their new jaunt “Black & Brown” is a nod to the proper relations between black and brown folk. Very much a no-brainier being that the make up of the group is 2 blacks and 2 browns. Which is very hip hop if you do the history on hip hop. The Blacks and Browns of the Caribbean that migrated to the slums of The 5 boroughs of New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens and Manhattan) were the architects of the hip hop culture. These young 20-somethings are a strong representation of the 3rd generation of hip hop. Bang!!


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