Wake up, Americans will tolerate this but for so long!

Sandra-Bland-2The recent decision by a grand jury to not file criminal charges against any officials at the jail over her death is the latest in a line of so called officials getting away with killing an African American. IT’S NOT THAT THIS DECISION IS SURPRISING, few people are ever held accountable for the deaths African-Americans in police custody, but it is infuriating. For me as a black man from Texas and a graduate of Prairie View A&M University this one means a lot to me. The fact that this is happened to a woman and especially a black woman is utterly appalling BUT AGAIN UNFORTUNATELY IT IS NOT SURPRISING. This is something that I predicted way back in 2008, I said it during a barbershop discussion. I said that some white folks would get bold towards the end of Obama’s presidency because they know that they will never see another black face in the Whitehouse ever again. They know that Obama was Selected not Elected. They saw that black America did not demand anything of Obama and that racial relations actually got a bit worse in his 2nd presidency. Most importantly they saw that Obama didn’t really step in and address the situation with direct solution, he made very broad strokes towards race relations.

Tamir Rice

At times in 2014 and 2015 it felt like 1965 instead of the new millennium. It would seem like with technology, video and other hard proof that the attacks on blacks and other minorities would recede but instead police and other law enforcement have gotten bolder in attacking blacks and other minorities. It is almost as if they know they will get away with it. A fact that cant ignored is the effect that it has on the mentality of the youth. One of the most blatant examples of the recent spike in police brutality is the case of Tamir Rice who at the age of 12yrs old was gunned down by police in Cleveland, Oh on a Sunday while playing with a pellet gun. The thing that is so disturbing is the video in which Tamir Rice can be seen playing in the snow with a pellet gun before sitting at a bench for three minutes. As the police drive up he can be seen standing up and moving the gun at his waist. Two officers get out with their guns drawn and the boy falls, disappearing behind the car. Rice died of his wounds the following day.

 Some say there is a war on law enforcement but it would seem that it’s the other way around and it’s unfair. Most Americans don’t carry firearms yet the law not only carries firearms but they carry war-zone ready weapons and they operate with the same tactics seen in warfare.


On the surface it would seem that law enforcement is out to get minorities that would be the simple observation of the problem. I think it points to a deeper issue of the psychology of those in law enforcement and a growing segment of the population of white America. There seems to be a deep fear of young African Americans (male and female). This fear is being manifested in the aggression being shown towards young African Americans which in most cases can be avoided. We all know that in most cases African American and Latino youth are going to avoid the police as opposed to seeking out confrontation with them, this stands in stark contrast to the stories that law enforcement tell about being attacked by African American youth.

There is a school of thought that says that law enforcement are almost at a point of Marshall law. Some say that the threat of terrorism justifies the heightened state of protection and aggression by law enforcement. The threat is real indeed but who is the blame for this? It is well know that America has funded and supplied weapons to these “terrorist” organizations. But not ironically these organizations turned the focus towards the real threat to their way of life and now America feels threatened.


Wake up, the people of America are only going to tolerate this but for so long!!!!!


Unarmed Black Americans killed by police in 2015

format: date: name, age, town, state, cause of death.

  1. January 1st 2015: Matthew Ajibade, 22, Savannah, GA, Death in custody.
  2. January 5th 2015: Frank Smart, 39, Pittsburgh, PA, Death in custody.
  3. January 6th 2015: Brian Pickett, 26, Los Angeles, CA, Taser.
  4. January 7th 2015: Andre Murphy Sr, 42, Norfolk, NE, Death in custody.
  5. January 8th 2015: Artago Howard, 36, Strong, AR, Gunshot.
  6. January 26th 2015: Alvin Haynes, 57, San Francisco, CA, Death in custody.
  7. February 3rd 2015: Natasha McKenna, 37, Fairfax, VA, Taser.
  8. February 5th 2015: Jeremy Lett, 28, Tallahassee, FL, Gunshot.
  9. February 21st 2015: Terry Price, 41, Tulsa, OK, Taser.
  10. February 22nd 2015: Calvon Reid, 39, Coconut Creek, FL, Taser..
  11. March 1st 2015: Thomas Allen Jr, 34, St Louis, MO, Gunshot.
  12. March 1st 2015: Charly ‘Africa’ Keunang, 43, Los Angeles, CA, Gunshot.
  13. March 1st 2015: Darrell ‘Hubbard’ Gatewood, 47, Oklahoma City, OK, Taser.
  14. March 6th 2015: Tony Robinson, 19, Madison, WI, Gunshot.
  15. March 6th 2015: Naeschylus Vinzant, 37, Aurora, CO, Gunshot.
  16. March 6th 2015: Bernard Moore, 62, Atlanta, GA, Struck by vehicle.
  17. March 9th 2015: Anthony Hill, 27, Chamblee, GA, Gunshot.
  18. March 10th 2015: Terrance Moxley, 29, Mansfield, OH, Taser.
  19. March 12th 2015: Jonathan Paul, 42, Arlington, TX, Death in custody.
  20. March 17th 2015: Askari Roberts, 35, Rome, GA, Taser.
  21. March 19th 2015: Brandon Jones, 18, Cleveland, OH, Gunshot.
  22. March 22nd 2015: Denzel Brown, 21, Bay Shore, NY, Gunshot.
  23. March 30th 2015: Dominick Wise, 30, Culpeper, VA, Taser.
  24. March 31st 2015: Phillip White, 32, Vineland, NJ, Death in custody.
  25. April 2nd 2015: Donald ‘Dontay’ Ivy, 39, Albany, NY, Taser.
  26. April 2nd 2015: Eric Harris, 44, Tulsa, OK, Gunshot.
  27. April 4th 2015: Walter Scott, 50, North Charleston, SC, Gunshot.
  28. April 12th 2015: Freddie Gray, 25, Baltimore, MD, Death in custody.
  29. April 15th 2015: Frank ‘Trey’ Shephard III, 41, Houston, TX, Gunshot.
  30. April 16th 2015: Darrell Brown, 31, Hagerstown, MD, Taser.
  31. April 19th 2015: Norman Cooper, 33, San Antonio, TX, Taser.
  32. April 21st 2015: Samuel Harrell, 30, Beacon, NY, Death in custody.
  33. April 22nd 2015: William Chapman II, 18, Portsmouth, VA, Gunshot.
  34. April 25th 2015: David Felix, 24, New York, NY, Gunshot.
  35. April 28th 2015: Bryan Overstreet, 30, Sylvester, GA, Struck by vehicle.
  36. May 6th 2015: Brendon Glenn, 29, Los Angeles, CA, Gunshot.
  37. May 6th 2015: Nuwnah Laroche, 34, Ridgefield Park, NJ, Struck by vehicle.
  38. May 6th 2015: Jason Champion, 41, Ridgefield Park, NJ, Struck by vehicle.
  39. May 8th 2015: Sam Holmes, 31, Fridley, MN, Gunshot.
  40. May 13th 2015: Lorenzo Hayes, 37, Spokane, WA, Death in custody.
  41. May 31st 2015: Richard Davis, 50, Rochester, NY, Taser.
  42. June 8th 2015: Ross Anthony, 25, Dallas, TX, Taser.
  43. June 13th 2015: Alan Williams, 47, Greenville, SC, Struck by vehicle.
  44. June 15th 2015: Kris Jackson, 22, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Gunshot.
  45. June 16th 2015: Jermaine Benjamin, 42, Vero Beach, FL, Death in custody.
  46. June 20th 2015: Kevin Bajoie, 32, Baton Rouge, LA, Taser.
  47. June 25th 2015: Spencer McCain, 41, Owings Mills, MD, Gunshot.
  48. July 1st 2015: Kevin Judson, 24, McMinnville, OR, Gunshot.
  49. July 8th 2015: Jonathan Sanders, 39, Stonewall, MS, Death in custody.
  50. July 11th 2015: George Mann, 53, Stone Mountain, GA, Taser.
  51. July 12th 2015: Salvado Ellswood, 36, Plantation, FL, Gunshot.
  52. July 17th 2015: Darrius Stewart, 19, Memphis, TN, Gunshot.
  53. July 19th 2015: Samuel Dubose, 43, Cincinnati, OH, Gunshot.
  54. August 6th 2015: Troy Robinson, 33, Decatur, GA, Taser.
  55. August 7th 2015: Christian Taylor, 19, Arlington, TX, Gunshot.
  56. August 14th 2015: Asshams Manley, 30, District Heights, MD, Gunshot.
  57. August 28th 2015: Felix Kumi, 61, Mount Vernon, NY, Gunshot.
  58. August 31st 2015: James Carney III, 48, Cincinnati, OH, Taser.
  59. September 5th 2015: India Kager, 28, Virginia Beach, VA, Gunshot.
  60. September 7th 2015: Wayne Wheeler, 41, Detroit, MI, Other.
  61. September 23rd 2015: Keith McLeod, 19, Reisterstown, MD, Gunshot.
  62. September 28th 2015: Junior Prosper, 31, North Miami, FL, Gunshot.
  63. October 17th 2015: Paterson Brown Jr, 18, Midlothian, VA, Gunshot.
  64. October 17th 2015: Rayshaun Cole, 30, Chula Vista, CA, Gunshot.
  65. October 27th 2015: Anthony Ashford, 29, San Diego, CA, Gunshot.
  66. November 11th 2015: Michael Marshall, 50, Denver, CO, Death in custody.
  67. November 15th 2015: Jamar Clark, 24, Minneapolis, MN, Gunshot.
  68. November 19th 2015: Nathaniel Pickett, 29, Barstow, CA, Gunshot.
  69. December 8th 2015: Miguel Espinal, 36, Yonkers, NY, Gunshot.

Taken off the list since August 11th:

  1. January 23rd 2015: Demaris Turner, 29, Lauderhill, FL, Gunshot.
  2. February 25th 2015: Glenn Lewis, 37, Oklahoma City, OK, Gunshot.
  3. March 6th 2015: Andrew Williams, 48, Putnam Hall, FL, Gunshot.
  4. May 12th 2015: DaJuan Graham, 40, Silver Spring, MD, Taser.
  5. May 20th 2015: Markus Clark, 26, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Unknown.


Notice that Sandra Bland does not make the list – because her death is officially counted a suicide. Nor does Andre Green, who was killed August 10th, because a vehicle counts as a “weapon”. Nor, likewise, would Walter Scott or Sam Dubose if there were no video.


Check this site for a list of victims of police brutality, in 2015 (you will be scrolling) http://killedbypolice.net



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