Jadakiss – Aint Nothin New ft. NE-YO + Nipsey Hussle (@Therealkiss – @NeYoCompound – @NipseyHussle)


If you go to any black barbershop in the country and its possible that you will find yourself in what I call the “G.O.A.T” discussion/argument. It will be centered around basketball, football or as of recent hip hop. While B.I.G and Tupac are almost requisites for the list but one who will sometimes come up is Jadakiss and rightfully so, Kiss is a great emcee. Depending on your criteria Kiss may actually be #1. First as part of the L.O.X and as a solo artist Kiss has remained consistent with dope lyrics and good music, if you truly understand what goes into writing lyrics and putting songs together you have to know that Kiss is doing some amazing shit in the songs he makes. Thing that really makes his run great is that he never wavered or abandoned his original mission to bring good music with an underground feel, even when he attempts to make the proverbial radio single he comes with that street shit. Kiss also has one of the most recognizable voices ever in rap, his trademark raspy voice has put him in the upper echelon of rap lyricist.


His new project “Top 5 Dead or Alive” is a title that he can carry at this point in his career he has earned that consideration. His new video for his joint “Aint Nothing New” goes right in with the title of his album, kiss has been doing this for a while now at a high level. The joint features Nipsey Hussle and Ne-Yo but you never forget that this is a Jadakiss song. Kiss is one of those artists that you can buy his album with no hesitation………………..so do that.


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