Soulfresca + Joanna McCray (@soulfresca) – New Day


Soulfresca is a duo from south Austin, Texas. The band consists of vocalist/songwriter Christian Mayo – better known as “Mayo”

& producer/rapper/engineer Chris Auld – better known as “Steelo Foreign”. Soulfresca was founded in Fall of 2013.
After their freshmen debut in January 2014 the “Upper Room EP” created a platform for them to build on. As per their own sentiments “we had really no idea what we were doing, but at that time we were just rappers with a vision, and it just happened to work.” Steelo Foreign says “the Upper Room EP was like a proof of concept, that we could be rappers or musicians, and people would actually be interested.”
The duo, now in 2015, began songwriting and executive producing 2 female artists that were brought on board. “Joanna McCray” & “Callie Erwin”. Joanna McCray’s – “Pleasures EP” is set to release in summer 2016. and Callie Erwin’s self titled EP “Callie Erwin” is set to release in spring 2016. Mayo being able to write tracks that we would’ve never thought about doing otherwise has now grown to be an exceptional vocalist and songwriter. Steelo Foreign is the mix master behind the group, the in-house engineer/producer, has been the executive producer behind many projects coming out of Austin recently. He continues to drop songs with Austin creatives, and is well known throughout Austin as a person willing to help grow local talent.
As for now they are currently dropping singles and continuing work on a summer 2016 re-launch with our first official project as a duo called, “SOMETIMESIFORGET”.  They will be traveling to LA for a tour in spring 2016 to promote the project and the new EP’s “Joanna McCray” & “Callie Erwin”.


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