Long Live The Pimp – Pimp C feat. Juicy J & Nas (@UGKRecords + @Nas + @therealjuicyj)


Long Live the Pimp is the call that has been coming from Texas for years. Even in death Chad Butler is still one of the most important emcees in the game and definitely one of the biggest and most influential from Texas. Pimp C’s influence looms heavy over the classic sound of southern hip hop, he even coined the term “Country Rap Tunes”. Pimp has always been an advocate for southern rap, he spoke loud for the south’s place in hip hop back in the 90s when New York for the most part was fronting on the south. Pimp made the world respect the south and he will always be a hero to the south for that very reason.

There has been a bit of controversy over the album content and some of the artist that share verses on the project, many believe that if were alive Pimp would not have had them on the album. As per comments from Pimps sons

“I want Pimp C fans to know that his family – myself and my younger brother Corey Butler – had no part in the creation of this ‘new’ Pimp C album and don’t receive any of the benefits from album sales,” he says via press release. “The only person who benefits is his wife Chinara, who doesn’t return phone calls or communicate with us at all, and possibly our sister Christian, but even that is debatable. My father was always supportive of myself and my brother, and I know he wouldn’t want us to be forgotten as a part of his legacy.”


Even with the controversy surrounding the release of the album there will still be a huge buzz around this project I mean its Pimp C. Pimp is a necessity to the south. Check out the first single off the album “Friends” feat. Juicy J & Nas below.



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