Yasiin Bey (@YasiinBey) – “No Colonial Fiction”


See the thing about Yasiin Bey is that he was a thespian first before we knew him as the mighty Mos Def we knew him as that kid that quizzed Deion Sanders on the credentials of his visa card in that commercial. It actually makes his style as an emcee fall into place, his tone is big he has a climax quality a highpoint. But he also has a very conversational tone in most of his music.

In these perilous times that America finds itself in, hip hop is the predominant culture and there is one voice in hip hop that speaks to the sensibility of the people, that voice is Yasiin Bey.  Ever since he dropped in 99 he has continued to push the envelope and bring a realistic quality to the hip hop he makes. Yasiin has always kept an ear to the street and has put out songs that are relevant to what is going on now…………………like right now. Something happens Thursday and Yasiin has a song, a dope song about it on Saturday type shit. To that end here is a new jernt “New Colonial Fiction”.



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