Redman (@therealredman) – Mudface

151113_Redman-300x300To be relevant in hip hop for 20+ years is amazing, to be relevant and entertaining in hip hop for 20+ years is incredible, to be relevant and entertaining and respected in hip hop for 20+ years is almost impossible but if there is anyone who could do it that artist would be Redman. Red has always been one to be the ultimate mix of humor, street, and skill. I always thought of Redman as the hip hop version of George Clinton. Red has always held his own amid groups and crews: as one the soldiers in the super-crew that EPMD built in the early 90s which included Keith Murray, Das Efx and K-Solo. Even within that ultra-talented group of artists Redman was one that seemed to separate himself while remaining a team player. Then follow that with a group pairing with his twin soul Method Man to form Red & Meth and one could see how Red could just be dismissed as a “floater”. But this is Redman his style his humor his skill won’t let you just pass him over.


Redman’s albums have been one long tribute to the funk and they have all maintained a certain level of quality and he does it by doing the same thing he did when he first dropped his first joint “Whut? Thee Album” back in 1992. He drops bars and gives you that funk that sounds like all the members of Parliament Funkadelic had something to do with his upbringing. With his new project “Mudface” Red has updated his funk formula and it sounds great. It’s great not only to see him back (not that he left) but to see him back with some heat that will allow him to compete in the current market. What’s better is that he can compete doing exactly what he has always done. Roll up a few and pack that goodness into apparatus and get the MUDFACE.


Redman – Mudface (complete project)

Listen then purchase the album

01. Dr. Trevis
02. Wus Really Hood
03. Beastin ‘(MCA)
04. Gettin’ Inside
05. by Muddy Island (Skit)
06. N *** a Like Me
07. Dopeman (feat. StressMatic)
08. Let It Go
09. Bars
10. High 2 Down Come
11. Will not Be Fiendin
12. Undeniable (feat. Runt Dog, Ready Roc)
13. Go Hard


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