Pusha T ( @PUSHA_T ) – “Untouchable” Produced By Timbaland


While Pusha T is not the first to make what some call “Cocaine Rap” he is one of the best. Since dropping with his brother in a group called Clipse he has been at the forefront of “dope rap” because he is one of the most clever of that does it. His lines are extremely clever and almost make you want to get a package and hit the block. On the same token he will also make emcees want to sharpen their bars, this makes Pusha one of the more consistent artists in the game today. Pusha does what he has always done, he doesn’t switch it up but does not get boring and that is an accomplishment in itself.

With his new single “Untouchable” Pusha linked up the mighty Timbaland to create a soundscape that is different for both of them.  The sound is minimal for Timbaland who usually has a big sound but the sound has an intimate quality to it and accentuates Pusha’s flow. This is a dope song (pun intended) that should be heard so press play. Congrats to Pusha for becoming the new President of G.O.O.D Music.


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