downloadKRS ONE is regarded as one of the best emcees to ever pick up a microphone. What is so unique about the blastmaster KRS ONE is that he is equal parts teacher and executioner.  KRS will heal you then verbally kill you. His name is a acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone and it truly does.

KRS hails from the South Bronx which is widely heralded as one of the areas of New York City that created hip hop. To understand KRS you have to understand a bit about the South Bronx circa late 60’s and early 70’s, only a place so hard and cultural as the South Bronx could create a KRS ONE, a style so dope and concrete; a KRS ONE song is like a bag of bricks that drop in your eardrum. Listening to a KRS ONE joint, one gets the feeling that he did a month or two worth or research on the subject in other words it’s an extensive piece of art.  However you must understand that at the same time KRS is a warlord his whole style is based on confrontation on conflict resolution by way of your elimination, simply put KRS ONE’s style is like a punch to ya face.


While some would call KRS “old school” they would be wise to understand that KRS will always be relevant because the spirit that he creates his art with is the very essence of hip hop and that does not change. It is the spirit of the people, the spirit of the hood. It’s been a while KRS dropped some new music and it was well worth the wait, KRS always keeps it current and speaks on what’s going on now.

KRS new joint “Drugs Won” is a insightful look at the state of drugs in America, he tells the truth on who the real drug dealers are and how the country is so split on the issue of the legalization of marijuana. He speaks bluntly on how it is legal and almost promoted in California yet is illegal in most other parts of the country.  Truly a message needed at this time.


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