DAVID BANNER (@THEREALBANNER) “Marry Me” ft. Rudy Currence


“They say I’m an urban myth/ they say Black men don’t exist/ Prove them wrong why you don’t marry me,


“It is time to mend our public, personal, spiritual, and social relationship with our Women. The progression of our people is rooted in the secured strength and stability of that relationship,” David Banner says.


In a time when marriage and monogamy seem to be bad words almost. It takes a special type of artist to come out with a song called “Marry Me” but we talking about David Banner here. In the last 2 years David Banner has become more than an artist / actor he has become a spokesman for this generation. Banner has a unique perspective coming from Mississippi which remains one of the cradles of the civil rights movement of the 60s. In 2015 there is a new movement that has elements of the 60s struggle but is quite different in many ways. David Banner is classic Mississippi country boy but through his travels and the universality of hip hop he is advanced. David has recently re-entered the music business because he feels that this generation needs to hear what he has to say. We should all be happy he did decide to come back to music his voice is needed.


Check Banner bearing his soul to a real queen.


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