Respect My Grind – I. Smith (@Ismith116)

12179814_909668302401788_1010513303_n“Izzi da boss Lionel li I.smith just a few names he’s been called over the years but nothing can deny the man I.Smith is truly a force in hip hop and not budging anywhere but up ”

Ivan Burns-Smith is a Battle Creek born artist growing up on soul music Jazz R&B gospel and blues it shocked a lot of people when he took his poetry and transitioned into rap music. At the age of 13 Ivan started Platinum Boyz Records as an artist and an executive he has worked with many artist from his area and over the state including artist from other states in 2005 he started the Black Shadows Entertainment label and later in 2008 to incorporate the labels into the now Black Shadows/Platinum Boyz Entertainment working with artist such as Reid Young Zo Towan Walker Cuiet Storm and previous battle creek producer Mello mic and Texas producer Young Nick. At now 28 Ivan has been around promoting and expanding battle creek hip hop and music for over a decade being a true visionary and pioneer in the rap game and as an executive of his own label continuing to show that same love support and drive that he has always had since day one working as hard as he pushes in the music industry and never sees a sign of slowing down. His music and unorthodoxy rhyme style sets him apart from others and his collection of poems and songs tell his whole life story from experiences good times heart ache pain and redemption. All in all if you want good music you found the right artist to give it to you!!!


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