-raqiF7KThey say great art comes from pain and if that is true then the new album by Clemits “Crush” should be a great piece of art. Tragedy has a way of refocusing us on the important things in life, it makes you want to do things better and get the most out of your own life. Clemits has been a part of the Austin hip hop scene for a number of years now with his MSG crew, past meetings show a laidback cool Clemits, almost in a state of euphoria (maybe that high grade smoke) but a recent interview shows a much more focused Clemits do to a big personal tragedy in his life. It’s amazing that he is still even making music and even doing some study on how to improve his craft. The “Crush” album features production from a handful of producers, which is different for Clemits, yet he says that Crush is a cohesive album still and is sure to gain him new followers. Simply put Clemits is an artist looking for a bigger and better way to come to you. Check his new single “Im Back” (change) and the conversation we had.


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