2S0A3377.jpg_1-1-415x260Seattle soul singer Sassy Black is a member of the duo Thee Satisfaction drops a new jaunt “Talkin Shit? Okay”. This is a jaunt off her new E.P. entitled “No More Lame Dates” which will be coming sometime in 2016. According to Sassy “When you are winning, you will have folks that are talking trash about you. And sometimes those are the same folks who have been trying to get at you or are currently dating you. I just wanted folks to know that they aren’t slick and I can hear what they are saying. This is for anyone who’s been the butt of he-say-she say chatter.” This jaunt kind of reminds me of Jill Scott’s “Gettin in The Way” where she politely tells another lady to step out of the way of what she is building all while remaining a lady. Sassy is a multitalented entrepreneur, In her life she has explored art, music and design through patterns. Her art reflects such experimentation through music compilation and composition.

Sassy Black’s music is something you don’t want to miss. Her work with THEESatisfaction has a twist on the formula that puts it in the Black Alternative genre.


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