maxresdefault-15The best music is relevant and timeless; it seems to speak to issues that the people are going through currently while at the same time relating to issues across time. Good music can be played 20 or 30 years from creation and still strike a nerve and speak to the struggle. For African Americans these are trying times; not that there was ever a great period of prosperity and peace for African Americans in the history of America. Now more than ever there is a need for artist to speak to the struggles of their listeners while also providing a little “feel good” also.

Norman Base seems to understand this, a look at his YouTube channel will reveal content of an artist that is walking the fine line of giving his listeners a message while not preaching. This is an obstacle that all artists must confront sooner or later. It’s called growth and progression, when you know more you want to share more with your audience. You can’t complain about the problem if you are not taking steps to improve the situation or making music that betters the listener. Unfortunately it’s a catch 22 on one hand listener’s talk about rappers not saying much in their music on the other hand if you give them too much information then you’re preaching. Most folks want to better themselves but don’t want to be told they need to better themselves.

Norman Ba$e is back with a new jaunt “Babylon 2 #BlackLivesMatter” the track features DDOT. The track has a infectious piano line in it and is a cool information session straight from the mind of Mr. Ba$e. The video is a montage of images that gives the content of his rhymes more meaning. This video needs more views. Peep.


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