The Trill Is Gone (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway) B.B. & The Underground Kingz (@BunBTrillOG + @amerigo615 + @PimpCNakedSoul)

amerigo-gazaway-three-new-ugk-bb-king-mash-up-songs-mp3When you talk about the south and music you have to talk about the blues and when you talk about the blues you have to talk about B.B. King. B.B is the blues, he is the sound, he is the feel and the embodiment of the blues. The music and the culture seem to be trying to find an adequate replacement for the King of the blues.

BB King

When you talk about southern rap if UGK is not in the conversation, well then you are missing some valuable information and your conversation is lacking. Plainly put the Under Ground Kingz are the south. One half of the group Pimp C (RIP) was influential in the crafting of what is the fundamental sound of southern hip hop his use of funk, R&B and blues samples became the flavor of Texas hip hop. Until his untimely death in 2007 Pimp C and his partner Bun B were godfathers of southern hip hop and respected across the board from NYC to Cali.


Amerigo Gazaway has made a name for his self in the last couple of years with his famous mash-ups where he takes 2 artists that connect some kind of way but would never be expected to mix. His blending of these artists makes something new and fresh. His most notables being Yasin Gaye project (Yasin Bey & Marvin Gaye) Fela Soul (Fela Kuti & De La Soul). While dj’s mixing uncommon elements is nothing new, these mixes are special and seem to make something new out of older elements. Amerigo doesn’t just mix the music together he adds elements without losing the elements that make it great.

Amerigo Gazaway

The mashing of BB King and UGK seems so right and natural; I wish this would have happened when pimp was still alive because he would have gone crazy producing BB King and UGK. This mix is a teaser of what could have been one of the dopest collabs in hip hop history. Here are a couple of joints ENJOY!



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