Now the work starts: The or else in JUSTICE OR ELSE

FOtIar1I10.10.15 was the 20 year anniversary of the historic Million Man March that happened in 1995. 10-10-15 is not just about the event in Washington it is really about the effect that the event will have afterward. Hopefully “Justice or Else” will inspire everyone to do something positive with the resources they have. Many returned from the original MMM in 1995 and got busy in their communities. I’m not a big fan of marches and rallies that don’t have action following them. Marches and rallies are like revivals for a lot of people, they focus on that issue leading up to the march or rally and then they go back to life as usual.
What was unique about 10.10.15 is that it involved more than just black men this was about justice period. Another interesting thing about this movement is that Farrakhan got a million plus people to show up with virtually no major media support, there were not any major media outlets that supported the promotion of this anniversary effort. All of his support came from local organizing, social media and word of mouth, which makes this a more powerful and pure movement. Farrakhan (at age 82) did over 30 speaking engagements in the span of 2 months while being sick at times. The message resonated with all that heard.


Justice for all not just black people and hopefully this spirit of cooperative change will continue. There were over 220 cities with local organizing committees that were multicultural and hopefully these L.O.Cs will continue to organize, ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOLLOW UP. I also hope that people’s individual racial identity does not get lost in all of this; it’s not about some bland non cultural movement. This should be about respecting others culture and working together for justice, real justice not the band-aid that we have been putting on it for years. This is about making America live up to its laws and promises. The theme was JUSTICE OR ELSE and now it’s time for the OR ELSE.


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