Why your attention should be on Washington D.C tomorrow (@LouisFarrakhan)



On ‘10.10.15’ let’s show the world Our Unity

“Muslim-Christian Unity”:  Let’s show them overseas that we are the real Children of Abraham, and we are embracing each other in the love of God and His prophets.

Twenty years ago, I knew that the government had planned a war on our young people.  And I went to major cities calling on our people, our men, and the result was an idea to bring Black men to Washington.  It would never have happened if it wasn’t for the mother of that movement.  What is her name?  Mother Dorothy Height.  It would never have happened if I didn’t go to the office of my brother, the mayor of this city, Mayor Marion Barry, and his wife, Sister Cora Masters Barry, and a team of dedicated Christians, made that march successful.  On the stage was Betty Shabazz; may Allah be pleased with her.  On that stage was Maya Angelou, may God be pleased with her.  On that stage was Mother Rosa Parks, may God be pleased with her.  And there were Brother Malcolm’s daughters, two of them; and women were there.  Queen Mother Moore:  She was there; but she’s gone on now.

And here we are today, now:  This is the time that our people must see our unity, Muslims and Christians together as one.  As “one”!  As one …  So, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, all of the young giants:  We’re going to match you with young giants from the Nation of Islam; they’re going to be standing with Brother Jamal, Brother Nuri, Brother Carlos …  And we have some powerful young women:  Like Miss Mallory and Miss Perez who are going to stand together in unity to bring about “Justice Or Else!” so will our Native American family (organized by) Sister YoNasDa (daughter of the late Wauneta Lonewolf) …  The Black and The Red, together.  The Black, the Red and the Brown, together.  The Black, the Red, the Brown—yes, and White—who know that Black Lives Matter; who understand that when you come and join us, don’t say “All Lives Matter” to change the chant and thereby weaken it. 

10-10-15Yes, “All Lives Matter.”  But the only reason you are here is because it’s Black lives that are being slaughtered.  And Black Life is the mother and the father of your life; so when you come to honor Black Lives that matter, then you are saying “All Lives Matter” because all came from The Black Man and Woman.

Dr. King, the night before he was assassinated, he called us to a duty that they never talk about since his death.  He called us to the duty of “re-distributing pain”:  Pain for the lack of justice; pain for the lack of fair dealing.  Pain

And since we are suffering, and we don’t have any guns to go up against this (injustice, tyranny), then through our unity, and the taking back of $1.3 trillion of Black spending power in America:  Itwill be three months from October 10th that you’re going to be in Christmas?Let’s redistribute the pain.   From “Black Friday”—the day after Thanksgiving when you run to the store to spend your money, making American business successful for the whole year with what we spend—to December 25th (Christmas), suppose we all make an agreement that this year we’re going to keep our dollars in our pocket?  This year, we’re not going into debt just to make America happy!  This year, we’re going to honor Christ as he should be honored.

Let’s come home.  Let’s take this Christmas and make it a real honor to Jesus.  Even though he wasn’t born on December 25th, let’s not worry about that; but if you believe that Jesus was born on that day (that’s my point):  Then you don’t honor him, being drunk.  You don’t honor him, high. You don’t honor him, chasing women, or men.  You honor him not buy spending your money that you don’t have, and going into debt—and then letting the big fat White man from the North Pole push Jesus to the curb?  Bring Jesus home.  Go to church the night before, and honor him in song, honor him with praise, and then let your talent be a praise of God; and then the next day, instead of a Christmas tree—which is a heathen practice—you gather your children around the table, and let’s talk about Christ.

IITalk about Christ, “the good shepherd.”  Talk about him, “the true vine.”  Talk about him who said, “I am the resurrection and the life, even though you are dead if you believe in me yet shall you live again.”  And that isn’t talking about any bodies in the cemetery.  That is talking about a man with a Word in his mouth that can raise you from the condition that you’re in. 


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