L’Orange & Kool Keith – Time Astonishing (@UltraMan7000 + @LOrangeMusic)

KOOL ORANGEKool Keith is perhaps the most eclectic artist in hip hop. He began as a founding member of the hip hop group Ultramagnetic which were far ahead of their time and in hindsight one could see that Keith’s influence was big in that group. But Keith took off with his solo career, releasing a number of solo albums in the early and mid 90s under a plethora of names and identities such as Black Elvis and Dr. Octagon. He also did a collaborative album with Ice T and other members of his Syndicate called “The Analog Brothers.” The albums were critical successes but didn’t really blow up because they were so far ahead of its time. Kool Keith stays ahead of the proverbial curve.

L’orange is dedicated to originality, L’Orange he has a smoky, soul-soaked style that fully displays lush texture through inventive mixing and psychedelic cuts. A shopworn MPC and vintage vinyl are his tools. He finds his signature samples from pre-1950s jazz, soul and radio. He mixes those sounds together to form a sound that acknowledges his penchant for classic films. L’Orange albums are often cinematic and narrative in structure, exemplifying the artist’s highly conceptual creative process.

Together the creativity flows, take a listen!!!!!


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