Jay Electronica ( @JayElectronica ) – Holladay

jay-electronica-with-chainJay Electronica is the best rapper without an album. He has gained worldwide fame from mixtapes, sound familiar? He is one of the best rappers to ever come out of New Orleans, yet you don’t really realize that you are listening to a son of Nawlins until he boldly claims his 3rd ward New Orleans roots. Jay is a world traveler and has lived all over the United States and seems to have picked up a little piece of everywhere he has lived. Many know Jay from the famous set that he did at the Brooklyn hip hop festival 2014 where Jay Z gave him the 5% (N.O.G.E) chain. Electronica boldly carries the flag of the Nation of Islam in hip hop. Those that remember the 90s and late 80s remember a heavy presence of N.O.I and the Nation of Gods and Earths (aka 5% nation).


Fans of Jay are restless with each release that he drops, were like come on with an album. Especially since he has been signed to Roc Nation for a few years now, still no album. When I say fans I dont mean just the “fans” I mean some of the most respected emcees to ever touch a mic namely Nas, Yasin Bey, and more.  For now check this ruff mix of a track “Holladay”.


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