Paris (@paris_gfr): The Black Panther of Hip Hop


Paris is a true Hip Hop Artist & activist. When you find him on social media he is described as Hip-Hop Artist, Producer & Purveyor of Brutal Hard Truth and that description is pretty accurate. Paris hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and was catapulted onto the national hip-hop scene in 1990 with his hit single and album “The Devil Made Me Do It”, after earning a degree in economics from the University of California at Davis. The album was originally released on Tommy Boy Records, his first single from that album, “Break The Grip of Shame,” was banned by MTV.

His second album “Sleeping with the Enemy” was recorded and ready for release in 1992.The album contained a fantasy killing of then president George Bush Sr, Paris was dropped from Tommy Boy Records and its distributor Time Warner. Remember this was the same year that Time Warner was under fire for releasing the song “Cop Killer” by Ice T and the black rock group Body Count. However rather than buckle under pressure, Paris released the LP himself on his newly-formed Scarface Records.


The original cover for “Sleeping With The Enemy” album

Paris being a controversial artist, producer and purveyor of hard truth is not a surprise at all. Being from the Bay area, he was exposed to the strong history of the bay area. Which is a mixture of the best and worst of the black experience. He learned of the Panthers yet he still saw the Pimps that Oakland and Frisco is famous for. But most of all he learned INDEPENDENCE, Oakland has always been on its own shit and had its own and supported its own. Paris always had his own label and signed a major artist and distribution deal with Priority Records for himself and Scarface Records in 1993 and released his third LP, Guerrilla Funk, and several then up-and-coming groups, most notably the Conscious Daughters.

In 2003, Paris returned with a vengeance, injecting a much needed dose of reality and consciousness into an industry which by then seemed to only reflect corporate hip-hop sensibilities. Sonic Jihad was released to strong sales and critical acclaim, with Paris emerging with his new label and website, Guerrilla Funk Recordings. Born out of necessity, it’s a musical organization that provides a home for projects and material whose messages are generally avoided my mainstream music, featuring material by such notable acts as Public Enemy, Kam, Dead Prez and The Conscious Daughters, among others.

Paris’ production continues to be in high demand, and lately his original material has been featured in various Hollywood productions, his most recent being End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, and 2014’s Kill the Messenger, starring Jeremy Renner.

In November of 2014, he released a video single, “Night of the Long Knives,” calling for increased unity in black and brown communities and embracing eye-for-an-eye resistance against racist police aggression and brutality in the wake of the tragedy in Ferguson, MO and other high-profile killings.

In August of 2015, Paris released his second video single, “Buck, Buck, Pass,” a commentary on gun violence, its often ignored racial implications and its after effects, providing a spotlight on what he considers to be the real enemy – the corporate and political machinery that benefits from the steady diet of death of mainly young people of color.

His latest album, Pistol Politics was released September 11, 2015.




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