THROWBACK THURSDAY #5: Spice One ( @TheRealSpice1 ) “187 Proof”

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

Every Thursday here on Quitetrillworldwide we are doing a throwback Thursday. We will pick a jam from the past in any genre and give you some info that you may not have known before about that artist.


Spice 1 is one of the most entertaining “gangster rappers” in the history of hip hop. The thing that was different about Spice 1 is that he brought a more theatrical spin to his music. Originally born in Corsicana Texas but raised in Hayward California a city located in Alameda County, California in the East Bay subregion of the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming from the Bay Spice had a different take on the whole gangster rap genre, it was a lot more exciting and it wasn’t so hard it was good music that usually told a story. His first national single “187 proof” is the epitome of this approach in this song Spice tells a story of these ghetto characters that all happen to be named after liquors, he describes them as people. What is really clever about the song is that he gives the liquors personalities based on the people that drink it. For example the cop in the story is “Officer Martini” and the neighborhood wino is “Thunderbird”. This is a classic and one of the most clever rhymes ever spit on the mic.


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