Sandra Bland speaks and now we are all listening, what happened (@imchantellylace)

Sandra-Bland-CNN-jpgThe national news of Sandra Bland and her questionable death in a Texas jail is national news but to me this is an old story. I attended Prairie View A&M University from 93 -98 and there have always been “questionable” things that went on in that jail, I’m glad the world is getting to see whats happening there. The sad truth is Waller is not the only county in Texas or the U.S where this type of incident has taken place and I doubt that it will be the last incident of this type. 

Written by Chantilly Lace and reposted from ( )

In 2015, its not unusual to hear about a person of African-American descent being killed in the hands of law enforcement. Which is astonishing because we are in the new millennium yet it feels like the pre-civil rights era.

The latest death of 28 year old Sandra Bland, of Illinois, was stopped in Prairie View, TX for improper signal and arrested for assault on a public servant. Video footage surfaced of Bland being arrested and you can hear her cries of discomfort explaining how she was unable to hear and she couldn’t feel her arm because of how the officer slammed her down. Three days later she was found dead in her Waller County jail cell. The cause of death self-inflicted asphyxiation.

But why would someone who was in Texas for a job interview and hired at her Alma mater Prairie View A&M University want to kill herself? That is what her family and friends are saying and even us folks with common sense want to know.

How does a traffic violation lead to death? Reporters spoke with a friend of Bland’s who she had contacted her first night in jail. She recounted what happened that day, the state trooper asked her to put her cigarette out, there was an exchange of words and it went downhill after. Her friend stated, Bland told him the officer pulled her out the car through the window and the arrest proceeded.


My assumption is, this is when the officer got kicked, which news reports have stated being she was arrested for a assault on a public servant.

My personal question is, How in anyway does improper signaling lead to you being asked to get out of your vehicle? Even if the officer was mad about whatever the conversation was because as we see throughout Facebook #SandySpeaks, still does not constitute him asking her to get out of the car. Which is probably why the trooper has been placed on desk duty for not following protocol/procedure.

There is so much danger in the world, a woman alone should not get out of her vehicle for any man. Yet these “officers of the law” are here to protect and serve the community when it seems like all they are doing are preying on and abusing the minority community.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some “officers of the law” who took their oath seriously and wake up everyday to do their best at their job! Then there are those who are infiltrating the system and are undercover white supremacist who have vowed to take out niggers (their word for black people) one by one!

In this situation I believe that Sandra Bland came across one of those white supremacist no longer in white sheets but in a blue uniform with a badge, protected by the law. Because no matter how angry you are at a civilian there is no reason to slam them to the ground with such force that their hearing has been impaired and their body parts are numb. No reason at all can justify this form of brutality.

My second question is, When will police start being held accountable for their reckless behavior? Most times its a slap on the hand, even some officers are pacified multiple times for infractions while in the line of duty.


But something has to be done and done quickly for people to realize black lives do matter. Because as of now no matter what sex we are as long as our complexion is Black we will be murdered!

One thing I can say that came out of all this is when I’m driving and I catch myself being lax by not using my turn signal. I quickly flick that switch because   “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” #sadface

In Honor & Memory of my fellow alumna #SandySpeaks I will start using the hashtag #LaceSpeaks.



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