Jabari Warfield is an Austin radio and hip hop pioneer. His parents started the historic and continuing Austin radio establishment known as KAZI 88.7fm in 1982. The station is a community radio station in Austin serving the African American community of the city and its surrounding areas. The station features an urban contemporary format and plays numerous styles of music such as R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Reggae, and Jazz. It also provides educational programming, community information, and independent news. KAZI is a listener-supported, non-commercial urban contemporary community radio station.

Jabari being the son of the people who started the station had a show on the station in the afternoons and on some weekends. Being a teen in the 80s he naturally played hip hop music and was one of the first if not the first to play hip hop music on the radio in Austin. He was also pretty heavy in the clubs around Austin at that time, spreading hip hop music and planting the seeds of what would grow into the Austin hip hop scene. Most in the current scene have no idea who Warfield is, QUITETRILLWORLDWIDE recently sat down and talked with Jabari and got a bit of history from him. Check it out.


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