Boots Riley ( @BootsRiley ) – Tell Homeland Security We Are the Bomb: Collected Lyrics and Writings


Boots Riley, is a poet, rapper, songwriter, producer, screenwriter, humorist, political organizer, community activist, lecturer, and public speaker — best known as the lead vocalist of The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club. He lives in Oakland, California., Boots Riley has written lyrics as the frontman of underground favorites The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club, and as a solo artist, for more than two decades. An activist, educator, and emcee, Riley’s singular lyrical stylings combine hip-hop poetics, radical politics, and wry humor with Bay Area swag. Boots Riley: Tell Homeland Security–We Are The Bomb brings together his songs, commentary, and backstories with compelling photos and documents.

“Boots Riley refuses to die, but he also refuses to apologize for being alive. Since I was a wee lad watching videos on Rap City till now, Boots Riley has been invading my conscious with his funky, revolutionary words, music, and actions. Revolutionary, poet, rock star, and champion of the people, Boots Riley will not be ignored.”

Talib Kweli

“It’s not every day that you have a poet from Oakland kick start a political hip-hop movement, but that’s what Boots Riley specializes in: bringing the concentrated, undiluted vision of his area to the world. Oakland flow, y’all. Check it.”

DJ Spooky

“I’ve always respected and admired Boots’ unique style as a lyricist. He is at once a storyteller, agitator, educator, comedian, poet, and emcee with a degree in authenticity and a double major in empathy. All Bob Marley ever had was redemption songs-and all Boots ever wrote are lyrics of liberation!”

STIC of dead prez


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