Don Mykel (@DonxGandhi) – Save Me

mykelDon Mykel, an avid poet, writer, and transcending rap artist from the dungeons of Harlem, New York.

A modernized piece of gold that has been placed into our ears in a day and age of rappers that certainly do not exist in Don Mykels lane.

Revitalizing the youth and hip hop scene while having old heads reminisce, the 20 year old artist slays with his wicked flow, signature tone and the ability to go on a lyrical onslaught at any given moment.


He looks to deliver a strong message to the world while still having the ability to create a song to simply just turn up to. His music… an old school vintage hip-hop sound with a new age appeal that mixes just perfectly to keep all those enthused.

A universal artist and the ability to fill a void in someones heart with any song allows Mykel to connect to a broad audience, where many different people will not only enjoy the music he makes, but be able to relate.


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